7 Items That Are Worth Money at Your Local Pawnshop

When you want quick cash from your pawnshop, which of your belongings will fetch the highest price?

If you’ve never been to a pawnshop, you might not know what’s most valuable. Here’s a hint: leave your old baseball card collection at home (unless it’s full of rarities).


1. Luxury Watches

Watches from luxury makers retain their value, especially if the watch is no longer made and is in good working order. Watches with names like Rolex, Cartier and Breitling are fine pieces and worth money in a pawnshop. Clean the watch and tune it up before bringing it in to get the highest offer.

2. Guitars and Amplifiers

Musical instruments have a high rate of resell, so they’re likely worth money to a pawnshop. In particular, guitars and amplifiers from quality manufacturers are easy to resell.

3. Diamonds

It depends on the cut and the carat, but diamonds can usually fetch a good price at pawnshops. Diamonds of at least a half karat are most desirable.

4. Power Tools

Power tools can be a great item to sell to a pawnshop, as long as they aren’t too old. Pawnshop owners won’t be able to get a high price for 14.4-volt tools, but newer, 20-volt tools attract buyers fast. Provide all the original parts and charge them before bringing them to the pawnshop so you can prove they work.

5. The Latest iPhone

An estimated 700 million iPhones are in use, and 200 million were likely bought secondhand. So if you’re switching to an Android, sell your iPhone, especially if it’s the latest model, at your local pawnshop. The shop is sure to find a buyer — it’s only a matter of time.

6. MacBooks or Gaming Computers

MacBooks are expensive laptops, so consumers often prefer buying them secondhand. Gaming computers built with the best hardware on the market will also fetch a premium price, so pawnshops gladly accept these items.

7. Guns

Guns retain their value, as long as they are properly maintained. Make sure your local pawnbroker accepts firearms before you bring them in. You also must be able to prove you’re the registered owner.

You may find that some shops specialize in one type of gun, such as antique shotguns, while another shop mostly accepts modern, automatic weapons. With policies changing all the time, it’s important to check with the individual shop before you go.

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