Get Outfitted at a Pawnshop for Your Next Hunt

A pawnshop is an ideal place to stock up on your inventory before you plan your next hunting trip. If you’re an experienced hunter, you know making lists of what you’ll need is the biggest difference between enjoying your hunt or regretting that you don’t have this or that the whole time. Get Outfitted at a Pawnshop for Your Next Hunt

What you will need for your next hunt depends on where you’re going, for how long and what you’re hunting, but you can bet that your pawnshop has the essentials you need, and at a better price than the big-box store. You can get name-brand equipment without paying the highest price. Better yet, you can trade in your used — but still good — equipment for new items!

Upgrade Your Gun

Start with the most important piece of hunting equipment you’ll need: a dependable, accurate hunting rifle. A pawnshop is the perfect place to find a great deal on a used rifle, as guns are one of the top valuable possessions pawned. And since guns are always in demand, you can bring in your older piece and we’ll price it for you on the spot.

In addition, stock up on ammunition, purchase new holsters and find the ideal optic or scope for your next hunt.

More Hunting Equipment

Hunting knives are another valued item you can get for less at a pawnshop. Whether your main goal is gutting, skinning, deboning or butchering, find the knives to complete your collection at Premier Pawn.

Camp or Fish Along the Way

Camping equipment is necessary for the longer hunting trips. Find large tents, solo shelters, portable camping grills, bedding and thermal, weather-resistant clothing. What about a pack to carry it all? That’s another essential you may find here.

Your local pawnshop is also a great place to get fishing tackle. Get a new rod and add fishing to your trip agenda!

Pawn Your Valued Hunting Supplies

As you’re making your checklist and assessing what you do and don’t have, it’s helpful to set aside the items you no longer need, whether due to additional purchases or a change in strategy and hunt location. Bring this equipment in when you visit our shop! You might be surprised at how much you can gain from pawning hunting equipment, which can be used as credit toward the new items you have on your wish list.

The Best Part

Besides the cost savings, shopping at a pawnshop is a hunt in itself. Honestly, that’s the part many of our customers love the best. Our inventory changes by the day, so it’s worthwhile to make regular trips to the store to see what we’re carrying and if it could be of use to you on your next hunting trip. At Premier Pawn, we make your hobbies affordable and fun!