5 Steps to Selling Used Electronics to a Pawnshop

Selling used electronics is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get cash when you need it.

Even though electronic devices are some of the most common items to sell at a pawnshop, you can take steps to make sure the pawnshop owner not only accepts your items, but offers you a respectable price for your belongings.

selling used electronics

What Are You Selling?

Some of the used electronics you may be able to sell include laptops, digital cameras, iPods, cellphones, GPS devices, video game consoles and TVs. What your pawnshop is looking for will largely depend on local demand for the item. The shop wants to be able to resell the item as quickly as possible, so don’t depend on outdated printers and ancient DVD players to bring in a large return.

Follow the five steps listed below to get the best price for your used electronics.

1. Contact Your Pawnshop

This is a general rule of thumb for anything you want to sell — call the shop first. Before you lug in your large, flat-screen, high-definition TV, you want to make sure they’re going to take it. If the shop doesn’t think the item is a viable product for them, you’ve saved yourself a trip.

2. Gather All the Parts

Once you know your local shop will buy the item, make sure you find all the parts that go along with it. Power cables, installation software and user manuals all add to the collective value of the item.

3. Clean it Up

Electronic devices can use a spiffing up if they haven’t been used lately. Clean out dust and wipe smudges off screens. You’ll get a bigger offer on a clean item.

4. Reset the System

Many pawnshops have the capability to wipe cell phone and camera histories, but get this done beforehand and enjoy peace of mind of knowing your personal data isn’t compromised. This also shows the shop owner you’re serious about selling the device for top dollar.

5. Demonstrate it’s Functional

Once you get to the pawnshop, prepare to demonstrate that your electronic device works well. Show off all the features of your fancy camera and prove your cellphone is functioning without any issues. This is expected when selling used electronics — the pawnshop owner has to know they’re not buying a defective item.

What Can You Expect to Get?

The amount you can receive from selling used electronics changes constantly. As new models come out, demand for the previous year’s model drops. Every quote is highly personalized based on the location of the pawnshop and the item in question. For your free quote, contact Premier Pawn today.