7 Steps to Pawning a Smartphone

Pawning a smartphone can help you catch up on your bills or purchase that big-ticket item you’ve been saving for. But with millions of smartphones around, how can you make yours stand out so you get the best price for it?

Steps to Pawning a Smartphone

Follow the seven steps below when pawning a smartphone, and put yourself in the best position for the most cash.

1. Call Ahead

It seems like every pawnshop should accept smartphones. After all, they’re popular items that likely have a high resell rate, right? Well, it depends on the pawnshop.

Some shops don’t deal with smartphones, while others specialize in them. So make sure you find a pawnshop that will accept your make and model before you go to the trouble of bringing it in.

2. Clean it Up

You have control over many factors when it comes to the condition of the item you’re pawning. No, you can’t fix major damage (and you probably shouldn’t expect to get much, if anything, from pawning a smartphone that’s broken), but you can wipe down the outside and try to make it look as new as possible.

If the pawnshop owner feels like they could sell it right away in its current condition, they will readily do business with you.

3. Restore it to Factory Settings

Make sure you transfer all your data off the phone, including music, pictures and contacts. Save it to your computer or transfer it to your next phone.

Next, restore the phone to factory settings and make sure all personal data is erased, including apps. Also, remove any passcode on the phone so it’s unlocked.

4. Turn Off Tracking

If you have a “find my phone” feature turned on, make sure this is off. It’s probably one of the first questions the pawnshop owner will ask, so when you’re prepared, it looks better for you!

5. Gather the Accessories

Bring the accessories that were included with the phone — the charger and the headphones. If you have the phone’s original packaging, bring this too. The more complete the smartphone package, the likelier that the pawnshop owner will be able to sell the item quickly.

6. List the Specs

Make sure you know your phone inside and out. You should know the manufacturer, the model and the storage capacity. You should also know the carrier, as this can determine if the phone can be resold or not. When you have a complete list of specs on hand, you have greater negotiating power.

7. Be Realistic

Is the smartphone you want to sell in high demand? If there is no market for the phone you’re pawning, you’re probably not going to get a good offer. Stay realistic in your expectations so you aren’t disappointed.

Pawning a smartphone can be easy when you’re prepared. Call Premier Pawn to learn more about how to get the most for your item, or come into our shop today!