Pawnshops: 5 Steps to Getting the Most for Your Goods 

A pawnshop can help you get the money you need by selling your valuable items for you. But for both the owner and the customer to be happy, the pawnshop needs an item they can resell easily and quickly for a profit, and the customer needs to feel like they received a fair price for the item.

5 steps to getting the most for your goods

Here are our top five suggestions for customers who want to get the most from a pawnshop, regardless of whether you visit Premier Pawn or any other establishment:

Consider Getting a Loan vs. Selling Outright

If you’ve convinced yourself the only way to get the cash you need is to sell your item, you might be wrong. Pawnshops also typically offer loans on items as well.

This is an especially good choice if you only need a short-term loan and you’ll be able to pay it off in one to four months, or however long the time frame may be. Then you get your item back! You can get another loan on it, or if your cash flow troubles are over, you can just take your valuable home.

Know What it’s Worth Beforehand

If you’re going to negotiate a fair price for your item, you must know what it’s worth before you go to the pawnshop. Know what you paid for it, about how much it will sell for now and how much you want to close the deal. Keep in mind that pawnshops need to make a profit in order to make the deal work for them too.

Only Sell Quality Items

An outdated electronic that doesn’t work properly won’t fetch a decent price. If you’re serious about getting cash, you have to make sure the items you’re selling are high quality.

Clean the Item and Include All Extra Parts

Give the item an in-depth cleaning before you bring it in, and try to gather all its components. If you’re selling a smartphone, include the charger and headphones, and the original box when possible. This will help you get a higher price.

Research Your Local Pawnshop

Finally, make sure you find a reliable local shop to do business with. At Premier Pawn, we are fully dedicated to forging good customer relationships. We want to be your trusted pawnshop for life.

Come in today with your item and let’s talk price! Visit Premier Pawn and see how we are different.