What Can You Sell at a Pawnshop?

Do you want to walk away from the pawnshop with a large wad of cash? Having the right items to sell will help boost your odds of a big payout, so it’s essential to know what your pawnshop accepts.

Following is a comprehensive list of the most popular items pawnshops buy. But be aware that all shops are different — make sure you call to confirm before you visit.



Jewelry is one of the most popular items sold at a pawnshop. From gold earrings to diamond rings, pawnshops can assess value quickly and accurately. Expensive watches are also highly sought after and could potentially bring you significant cash.


It would be rare to find a pawnshop that didn’t accept electronics. Laptops, video game systems, desktop computers, TVs, digital cameras, GPSs … you name it, your pawnshop will probably pay you for it.

The amount of money you get depends on the age and condition of the item, as well as its market value and desirability. If you can prove a cell phone isn’t stolen, you may be able to sell that, too.


Always call a pawnshop ahead of time if you’re going to walk in with a gun to sell. Depending on the laws in your state, your local pawnshop may be able to pay you a good price for your firearms, but always schedule your visit in advance so you don’t look dangerous.


Musical instruments like guitars, keyboards and drum sets are usually welcome. Equipment like monitors, microphones, soundboards and amplifiers can also fetch a high price. Musical instruments and equipment are usually easy to resell, so shop owners usually like them.


Do you have a bench full of power tools you don’t use? Power tools are expensive when bought new, so they’re commonly purchased in pawnshops everywhere. It’s likely that you’ll receive a great offer for your tools.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment, like home exercise machines or pitching machines, may be accepted as well. Weightlifting equipment and barbells may be worth something too.

Specialty Clothing and Accessories

Authentic leather jackets and designer handbags could attract interest. A valuable wedding dress may be sellable too. You will have to be able to prove the item’s authenticity for the shop owner to be interested.

Memorabilia and Collectibles

Real, autographed sports memorabilia may be of value. Old, authentic coins or rare baseball cards could bring you a good return too.

Ready to Sell?

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