Why Your Pawnshop Is Ideal for Holiday Shopping

Is your local pawnshop the first place you turn when it’s time to fill the space underneath the Christmas tree? It should be!

You can get amazing deals on tech gifts, sports equipment, jewelry, handguns and rifles and more! Instead of automatically paying full price for an item in a store, check your pawnshop first. Getting a discount while checking all the items off your holiday shopping list is part of the fun!Ideal for Holiday Shopping

Why depend on your pawnshop when you have a long list of gifts to purchase?

Get Cash for Your Valuables

What better way to reduce your holiday shopping budget than by infusing an extra bundle of cash into your wallet? It’s the perfect time of year to get a return on the valuable items you aren’t using and put that money to good use this season. Christmas shopping can get expensive, but if you have something we can sell, we will buy it from you! This can help ease your budget when things get tight.

Trade Is an Option Too

At Premier Pawn, we offer the option to trade. If you have a valuable item and you also have your eye on something on our shelves, let’s talk!

Why Pay Retail Price if You Don’t Have to?

One of the biggest reasons holiday shoppers turn to their local pawnshop is because nobody wants to pay more than they have to for the latest gadget! If you can find a DSLR camera or the newest Apple product for less at our store, why pay more at the giant retail chain down the street?

A Reliable Place for Jewelry Shopping

If you’re in the market to surprise your sweetheart with a watch, chain, bracelet or ring this Christmas, rest assured you’ll have the experts on your side at your local pawnshop. Pawnshops assess all jewelry pieces that come through our doors for quality and authenticity. You will choose from only the best!

Here Are Some Gift Ideas to Get You Started!

Now that you’re convinced, we’ll help you get inspiration for your next shopping spree at Premier Pawn. Have a golf enthusiast in your family? You can upgrade their clubs for a bargain. Do you have a budding photographer on your list? What about a digital camera for them to capture the best moments at your holiday party! Is your teenager dying to upgrade the audio in their ride? Subwoofers and stereo systems are great gift ideas!

Depending on our inventory, Premier Pawn can help you make everyone’s dreams come true this Christmas, and for less. Call your local pawnshop or stop in today. We are ready to serve!