Finding an Engagement Ring: Your Local Pawn Shop Can Help 

Does finding an engagement ring seem like a lengthy, involved process?

When you’re shopping for the diamond that will ultimately get your one true love to say “I do” to forever, it has to be perfect. It has to live up to expectations, but you also may not be able to afford a high-priced diamond.

Finding an Engagement Ring Your Local Pawn Shop

What’s the answer? For many, finding an engagement ring gets easier, especially on your budget, when you turn to your local pawnshop for help.

Why Jewelry Stores Mark Up Their Inventory

At jewelry stores, the diamond rings for sale are marked up substantially from their actual value. Why?

Jewelry stores have a lot of overhead — employees, rent, utilities, etc. Pawnshop owners don’t structure their business around sourcing, creating and selling diamond rings — they just buy them from people who need quick cash. They are only concerned with the actual value of the piece, not all the costs required to fund the jewelry store’s operation.

Sure, pawnshops mark up the jewelry. It’s how they stay in business. But not as much as a jewelry store. Those savings can benefit you. You’ll pay much less than you would at a jewelry store chain.

When You Want Something Unique

Do you love hunting for a bargain? Are you enchanted with the idea of antique jewelry? Are you focused on finding something unique? Then finding an engagement ring that fits your vision is easy at a pawnshop. The inventory may not be as extensive as a jewelry store, but finding a “diamond in the rough” is a much more likely.

Research the Store

Before you start your engagement ring hunt, make sure you know the credentials of the pawnshop you plan on visiting. Check online reviews and see what past customers have to say. Make sure you feel confident before you walk in!

Know What You’re Looking For

It helps to know what you’re looking for in advance in terms of carat, style, size and shape. This will guide your search and help pawnshop owners show you the rings that will interest you the most.

Remember, you could find the right diamond in the wrong setting. You have options — you can have a jeweler take out the stone and craft a new ring and still get a great deal.

Get it Appraised

Find a third-party appraiser to give you a true value of the stone. This can help you feel more comfortable negotiating with your pawnshop, or make you realize how great a deal you’ve found!

Trust Premier Pawn for outstanding service when your main objective is finding an engagement ring. We are here to help you on this journey.