5 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Pawn 

If you turn to your local pawnshop when you need cash, you’ll get paid for all the usual suspects: electronics, jewelry and watches. But when you need even more cash, check your shed, garage, closet and attic for five items your pawnshop may want.

5 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Pawn 

1. Classic Vinyl Records

There’s a resurgence happening across America: Vinyl is coming back! Your old vinyl record collection is more valuable than you may think, but your local pawnshop knows it. They’ve probably been asked many times if they have come across a classic Beatles or Fleetwood Mac record. While you won’t get a premium for an individual vinyl record (unless it’s a rare edition), an entire quality collection could likely fetch a decent price.

2. Classic Video Game Systems

Just like records, classic gaming systems from the ’80s and early ’90s are coming back into the spotlight. With remakes of these classic games, grown-up gamers can’t help but wish they could play them in their original format, which establishes a demand for your dusty old Nintendo. Check with your local pawnshop to see if they’re in the market (or any of their frequent visitors are interested) in a classic gaming system!

3. Power Tools

Often overlooked, power tools are popular pawn-able items. There is always a carpenter looking to replace a broken or outdated tool or upgrade to a better model at a pawnshop. If you have equipment that’s in good shape and still has all its parts, you can expect a respectable cash offer from a pawnshop.

4. Leather Jacket

If your motorcycle-riding days are over, don’t get rid of your leather jacket. Bring it to your pawnshop! High-quality, premium leather is valuable, and as long as your piece doesn’t have significant wear and isn’t a ridiculous style, it will probably resell easily. The same goes for fur or any other high-end material.

5. Nerdy Collections

Stamps or trading cards might seem like nonsense that you’re ready to toss the next time you’re cleaning out your attic, but look closely — could your collection be worth something? Plenty of pawnshops not only sell these in store, but online too, and a collector somewhere may be looking for what you have stored away.

Of course, while you could try to sell your collection yourself online, it likely would take time and be difficult to prove its authenticity without the established reputation of a pawnshop to fall back on. Get cash faster when you take your old nerd gear to your local pawnshop.

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