How Do Pawnshops Avoid Buying Stolen Items?   

Pawnshops have had a bad reputation as outlets where criminals can get fast cash for stolen items. Is this accurate though? We will tell you truthfully — the answer is a resounding no!

How Do Pawnshops Avoid Buying Stolen Items?   

A few decades ago, pawnshops had no way of knowing if someone had stolen an item before they sold it to the shop. But today, with advances in technology, tracking and shared information systems between pawnshops and police departments, it’s actually the opposite — a seasoned criminal knows not to set foot in a pawnshop with a stolen item. They may as well show up at the police department and turn themselves in!

While there are always a couple of bad apples in every bunch, the vast majority of all pawnshops work tirelessly to stop crime by sharing all data with local police and following strict procedures on identifying people who sell to them and observing resell timelines.

Don’t believe outdated stereotypes — pawnshops are dedicated to stopping crime in its tracks.

Pawnshops and Police Work Together

Police departments and local pawnshops maintain constant two-way communication. Pawnshops track the serial numbers for every item they take in, and they record the names and contact information of sellers as well. Police track the info of owners of stolen items in their community, and the two entities continually share information.

The police can cross-examine each list for matches, and the pawnshop owners know what stolen items police are looking for each day, and they team up to apprehend suspects.

What’s Required to Sell?

In many states, you must present photo identification if you would like to sell an item at a pawnshop. If this potential seller is flagged as a suspect in a crime, pawnshop owners can call police right away.

Pawnshops Benefit from Repeat Business

Pawnshops don’t want “one-and-done” relationships with customers. They want repeat business, and they want the new business that comes from word-of-mouth. They want to lend money and be your go-to resource for reselling your valuables. They don’t just want to make a quick buck off a stolen laptop. They are standup businessmen and typically family-owned shops — small businesses trying to be sustainable for the long term.

What to Do if You’ve Been Burglarized

As your local pawnshop, our team here at Premier Pawn has some advice on what to do if you’ve recently been robbed or burglarized.

First, call the police and file a report. Do your best to supply proof of ownership and serial numbers. Leave your contact information so the police can quickly call you if they locate any of your items. If you have an idea of who stole your item, you can offer a picture of this individual to police or directly to local pawnshop owners.

Check online resell marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist and eBay. These are all common sites criminals frequent in an attempt to resell stolen items.

Don’t assume anything about pawnshops until you visit us here at Premier Pawn — we want to open your eyes to the savings and benefits you can enjoy by using our services!